Contest: Win a pair of tickets to the Air Guitar Championship

(Above: This could be you – or one of your really drunken friends.)

Be it Jimi Hendrix with a broom stick or Eddie Van Halen and a tennis racket, every music fan has gone through an air guitar phase, whether he (or she) wants to admit it or not.

If you’ve kept practicing your air guitar moves or like to laugh at those who have, then make plans to be at the Record Bar, on Tuesday, June 9 for the Air Guitar Championships.

Tickets for the competition run $10 online (plus TicketBastard fees), but The Daily Record is giving a one of its loyal readers the chance to get in free.

Here’s how this will work: If you live in the Kansas City area and want to go, simply leave a comment for this entry describing your favorite air guitar song or greatest air guitar moment. Be sure to leave your e-mail address, because that’s how I’ll contact the winner to let them know they’ve won a two tickets to witness or participate in the Air Guitar Championships.

Originality counts, folks, so don’t inundate us with stories about “Eruption” and “Stairway to Heaven.”

The people throwing this competition are serious about finding the ultimate air guitar hero. Winners at the 23 regional showcases will have the chance to compete in the championship round this August in New York City. There they will be judged by reigning U.S. and World Air Guitar Champion “Hot Lixx” Hulahan (I know, but that’s what it says in the press release) and Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones.

For complete rules, videos and other information visit the Air Guitar Championships Web site.

Commence sending your stories … now!


4 thoughts on “Contest: Win a pair of tickets to the Air Guitar Championship

  1. Okay…so I’m 16 years old. I’m in a band, and yes…actually playing a real bass guitar. The guys I was practicing with had pretty much settled down after two hours of playing and decide to make a Wendy’s run. We head back to ye’ ole’ parents’ basement, and proceed to listen to whatever crap happened to be on the radio.

    A Red Hot Chili Pepper’s song from “One Hot Minute” comes on, and I’m loving the whole album at the time, so I’m literally wailing on my pretend air guitar (when I’m sitting next to my perfectly capable bass), hop up on my teeny-tiny amp…and it rolls out from underneath me. I crash and burn like Steven Seagal’s career right onto my parent’s brick fireplace; I’m talking friggin’ faceplant. I don’t know how I didn’t lose any teeth.

    Suffice to say, I knew then that…even if I were ever to try out for being the world’s greatest air guitarist, I’d pretty much always be the bridesmaid and never the bride.

    Should I be posting this on failblog instead?

  2. Bryce,
    What a great story! You should enter the contest! Seriously, with that kind of passion who says you can’t win!
    I’m sad I’ll miss the contest. I love the Record Bar but live out of town.


  3. Once upon a time I was air guitaring to a completely obscure song off of Urge Overkill’s last album Exit the Dragon and I broke the yardstick I was air guitaring with. That’s a pretty lame air guitar story.

    In the dumpy town next to the dumpy town where I went to college in South East Central Illinois had a guitar smashing contest ever year. Given my expertise and breaking air guitars, I should have entered.

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