KC Rocks Out: Band Profiles

By Joel Francis

Discovering a new local band can be as easy as searching Myspace, checking the weekly entertainment listings or visit­ing a club’s Web site (see below). Here’s the skinny on the six bands interviewed for this story.

The Architects
Label: Anodyne Records
Description of music: “Colossally loud and exciting. We’re not retro, but if you like The Who, Credence Clearwater Revival, Led Zeppelin or The Clash, you’re going to like us.” – Brandon Phillips, vocals/guitar

In the Pines
Label: Second Nature
Description of music: “I always think of us as pretty but dark folk rock, although that might sound like a cliché.” – Brad Hodgson, guitar/vocals

Olympic Size
Label: unsigned
Description of music: “Cinematic love songs. It’s very lush. A lot of people call it ‘chamber pop’ because of the harmonies. I’ve also heard it called ‘urban folk.'” – Kirsten Paludan, vocals/guitar/keys

The Republic Tigers
Label: Chop Shop
Description of music: “Super-sexy, melodic pop, or future folk with an edge.” – Kenn Jankowski, guitar/vocals

Rex Hobart and the Misery Boys
Label: Bloodshot
Description of music: “Honky tonk. Drinking and cheating. Love songs.” – Rex Hobart, vocals/guitar

The Roman Numerals
Label: Anodyne
Description of music: “Dance music the punk fans can dance to and punk music the dance fans can punk to. But we’re all children of the ’80s, so that’s also reflected.” – Billy Smith, guitar, vocals


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