Local Doctor Claims He’s Treating Elvis

By Joel Francis
The Examiner

The King of Rock and Roll is alive and well, according to local psychiatrist Don Hinton.

Hinton, who works at Independence Regional Health Center, says he has been treating Elvis Presley for the past five years.

“What I’ve seen him mostly for is chronic pain,” said Hinton, who says he travels ‘somewhere in the South’ to treat Elvis. “He has severe arthritis, but I’ve also been there as a friend.”

Hinton is earnest but recognizes there will be skeptics and critics.

“There are people who wouldn’t accept it no matter what I would say or do unless he were here eye-to-eye, and then they would want a blood test or DNA test,” Hinton said.

“I’m a young doctor. This is my family, my career. I would not be doing this if it weren’t the truth.”

Becoming Elvis’ physician is no easy task. Hinton was a member of group of people who knew of Elvis’ existence for more than five years before he was finally able to speak to the King over the telephone.

“By the time I was in his presence it had been proven to me beyond the shadow of a doubt,” Hinton said. “I was allowed to meet him because I was a physician and trusted. Friends had known me for 10 years.”

Hinton said he and Elvis became such good friends that the King asked him to help with his book, “The Truth About Elvis Aron Presley, In His Own Words.”

“When I first started there was no talk of a book, and I had to promise not to tell a soul,” Hinton said. “In early ’98 he started talking about wanting to do a book.”

Shrewd Elvis fans may recognize that Elvis’ middle name is spelled “Aaron” on his gravestone at Graceland. However, in a letter on the book’s official Web site, http://www.thetruthaboutelvisjesse.com, Elvis himself explains that “I was the one who allowed the ‘A’ on my stone. … The extra ‘A’ was the first letter of the word ‘alive.’ ”

According to the book, Elvis staged his death in 1977 and assumed the identity of his twin brother Jesse who was born dead.

“This plan began back in 1976 and it was down to the last detail,” Hinton said. “In his mind what happened in 1977 was not a lie because it was necessary.”

Elvis, who became famous for songs like “Love Me Tender” and “Hound Dog,” and movies like “Jailhouse Rock” and “Viva Las Vegas,” died on Aug. 16, 1977, from an drug overdose. But now, Hinton says, Jesse, nee Elvis, is ready to reclaim the limelight.

“There is part of him that wants his fans to know the truth,” Hinton said. “He has to start talking about his life as Jesse and letting the fans know.”

And the book is just the beginning.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s coming,” Hinton said. “Beginning next month after his birthday there will be a TV special where celebrities who are his friends who know this is true will come forward. All of this will roll into the 25th anniversary in August.”

But Hinton is certainly not alone. Also among the inner circle of Elvis confidants is Linda Johnson, a neighbor and former co-worker of Hinton’s.

“My uncle was at one time his (Elvis’) dentist,” Johnson said. “That got me in through my relationship and honesty, just like Don. Really Don and I are the only ones in the same state.”

The Elvis book was not released by a major publishing house, Johnson said, because the King wanted to keep his book affordable for fans.

“We shopped around,” Johnson said. “We did our work.”

Larger publishers wouldn’t have accepted the work unless they saw the author typing it.

“He didn’t want to make it sensational or trashy,” Johnson said. “It wanted it to be inexpensive for fans. Most big publishers wanted him sitting in front of them writing.”

Today, Hinton and Johnson said, Elvis is a changed man.

“He’s a very spiritual man. I wouldn’t say he’s a monk, but it’s a completely different world for him,” Hinton said. “He’s turned off by money and show business.”

One thing important to Elvis, er Jesse, these days is privacy.

“He’s more protected than the president but still cannot trust people around him,” Hinton said. “This whole thing was his wish. If he didn’t want it to come out, I would have taken it to my grave.”

Hinton even kept it a secret from his wife, Heather, when they were dating.

“The phone would ring and he would just go into another room and shut the door and come out later,” Heather Hinton said. “He finally told me so I wouldn’t be frustrated or upset.”

Heather Hinton admitted she was skeptical at first.

“When he started explaining what was going on and when I saw things I believed,” Heather Hinton said. “He (Don Hinton) showed me pictures and different things that had been sent to him.”

Color Heather Hinton among the believers.

“I just went with whatever he said as long as it didn’t hurt the family,” Heather Hinton said. “I just thought he wouldn’t do something unless he was pretty sure.”

Don Hinton broke the news to his co-workers shortly before the book came out. He said the news hasn’t hurt his practice. Hinton’s co-workers at Independence Regional Health Center declined to be interviewed.

“It’s affected my practice just because of all the stress,” Don Hinton said. “I hear from people all over the world and 98 or 99 percent of it is positive.”


65 thoughts on “Local Doctor Claims He’s Treating Elvis

    1. Don,
      Thanks for reading. You certainly know your family tree better than me. I covered this story a long time ago and if my memory is correct, Dr. Hinton and I never met face-to-face. All my interviews with him were conducted over the phone. He never mentioned an impersonator in the family and as I recall wasn’t even an Elvis fan prior to “treating” the King. If you want to dig deeper and learn more, Dr. Hinton’s book is for sale here.
      Readers may be interested to know that the Don Hinton who commented above was one of the first Elvis impersonators. He was impersonating Elvis while the King was still alive (or, ahem, at least publicly performing). Mr. Hinton’s Myspace page contains a great bio, photos and history of Elvis impersonation. It’s definitely worth a visit.
      Thank you for reading and taking the time to write in, Mr. Hinton. It was truly a pleasure to hear from you.

    2. Dr Hinton, could you please tell me where I could buy this book that Aron/Elvis wrote?? I would like to read it as I am a BIG FAN of Elvis, I always knew in my gut that he was still alive, I just couldn’t believe that he dies at such an early age. specially when he said that he was going to die at the same age as his mother’s death, no one really knows when the Lord will take you home and I’ve held onto that believe all these yrs. my E-Mail address is
      sjk493@comcast.net. I can be reached there at any time. Also, if Elvis would talk to me over the phone, let me know and I’ll send you my phone #. Sincerely Shirley Krimm and again please tell me where I can buy this book. thank you

  1. I”t was 2004 Dr. Don introduced me personally to JESSE. Trust me… if you were me,on that afternoon you would have a great deal of respect for Dr. Don, Linda, Jesse-Elvis. I know the truth and understand why someone would choose to go this path! Priscilla, Lisa Marie, there is no way you cant know!!

    1. Hello Brian – it’s a while back since your last post, and you may not be on this site. But is there anything else you could say to us, be willing to say, about that afternoon? I’m sure you know how much it would be valued. Warm wishes from the UK.

  2. I also know this to be the truth….Dr Hinton was given a bum deal in all this..made to look like a fool, when actually, what he was claiming was true…

    In my opinion, it wasn’t jessie who pulled the plug…it was EPE….theyre making to much money on the is he – isnt he story, that if it was categorically confirmed that Elvis did not really die in 77, they would be faced with mass uproar, and millions of dollars in lost profit…

    its all a cloak and dagger cover up..but one day , the truth will be known, and all the non believers will have their proof..unfortunately, I think when the truth is finally known….the king will finally really be at peace…

  3. We all need to clear up one thing the man Don Hinton that you are showing is not the doctor that wrote the book “The truth About Elvis Aron Presley. Don Hinton is a Board certified psyciatrist here in Missouri! Not a former impersonator!” read the book the doctors photo is even on the back cover of the book!” I repeat I have accually met Elvis/Jesse in person and hold a great amount of respect for him as a regular normal person that goes for the doctor ! Jesse deserved a chance to have a quiet life and hope it stays that way till he chooses otherwise!! I am not selling him out ,just wanted to set the story strait!

  4. I hope Jesse enjoys his seclusion in peace,and all non believers,who chose to nulify all factual evidence, EVIDENCE AND 100% PROOF that Jesse is/was Elvis.
    Its hard trying to tell people that Elvis is alive,afterall,Jesse is alive,Elvis is dead.
    We know the truth,thats good enough for me.

  5. I have arrived late to the idea that Elvis is alive as Jesse. It makes complete sense to me that he could have chosen this way – and that it was based on the strength of his spiritual beliefs to make that choice and decision. I have found Linda’s research so interesting and honest; and then again there is Jon Corten and that haunting, beautiful voice (but no video footage that I can find so far). It does seem that maybe there is a mix of information and dis-information coming through, and yet there is also a sense of truth in there too. Elvis was a Revolution for us – that this planet needed, right after the second world war. He brought a new spirit and joy to us. I also feel for his spiritual beliefs and strength; his interest/commitment to numerology. I wonder if Jesse remembers “Madeleine” from all those years ago .. that would really be interesting to know. I hope that, wherever he is, Elvis/Jesse knows the love, respect and Light that we send to him from all over the planet. Sometimes an extraordinary life-task involves great sacrifice and I believe that to be true for him. Blessings always from the UK (London, Kent, Cornwall – esp. Truro Cathedral Gospel.)

    1. Hi I’m a paranormal investigator and natural psychic. Whilst watching a documentary about the staged death I wondered where on earth would he live.. That was when I was told very firmly that he has been living in Cornwall …sounds preposterous ?maybe…but I assure you that when I get a message like that it’s not to be sniffed at and I have no reason to doubt the information I get from spirit .. Just putting that out there for you all ,take it or leave it .. Ian

  6. is the book released in Ausralia. somehow even to me the story seems real. i did go to hawaii recently with my wife and even went to Lanikai beach were elvis used to hang out. I could swear i saw a older male with white hair just like the Jesse photo from Dr hintons book. by the time we bult up nerve to walk up to him and say hello, he got and left with 2 males and a female. very strange.

  7. I haven’t read the book, but i have read the letters that are online on linda hood sigmons website, i did believe Elvis was alive up to a point until i read the part where jesse says that his daddy did not know he faked his death ! I just cannot believe Elvis would fake his own death and not let his daddy in on it! how cruel would that be to put his own dad through something like that? And to think he would just up and dissappear leaving his daddy and his grandma as old as they were and not ever see them again, i just cannot see that, and what about when they both died, if he is still alive , did he not risk coming to their own funerals??? See what i am talking about? Elvis would not do this i don’t believe! there’s just too much here to believe he faked his death! and does anyone know if this Linda has ever even seen this Jesse person in real life? Or has she just talked to him over the phone and in letters as she states? i have never read where she has seen him in person. has anyone here? if so please tell me where i can find that.

  8. Jesse, If you are who I think you are, we need to talk. I am former U.S. Secret Service and protected Presidents Ford and Carter at the White House.(1974-1977 10-30-77) We have many things in common, and I have over 25 tears law enforcement experience that tells me you may need some help? I am a fan of yours, but more along the side of law enforcement. I also worked in narcotics and U.S. Customs to name a few and WE are both life time members of CNOA, and other organizations, I lived in Japan and studied martial arts since I was 15 and obtained my black belt in Judo.I was also tested at the Kodokan in Tokyo. I met a lady named Anne Margaret when she was at Camp Zama where I was at school and she was there for a USO show with Bob Hope. (1969-70)I was 21 years of age when I was in the USSS and stationed in Washington D.C. FMD/WHD I know about the famous visits you had made when you saw Nixon, and later Carter in 1977. I also got many certificates with the various agencies when I later went into U.S. Customs, SDPD, etc… I also have a DEA certificate as well.(After it was BNDD)I used to hear other “agents” tell me about your visit and the special “gift” you gave Nixon. Not many people know about that.
    I am also a badge collector and I know an expert who is also former U.S. Treasury and has actual copies of your credential. I also studied religious relics and the Shroud of Turin and ALL related subjects as well.
    Anyway, long story short, I am convinced of your leaving to protect yourself and others. What you did was the right thing. Even though lot’s of people have suffered over their loss regarding you. I am one of the best there is in my field of work and I have very special expertise and experience in identifying people as I did while in U.S. Customs.
    I also try to help people that really need it and I will assist you in any way I can as I still have my old contacts. It was necessary to make contact out in the “open”. Once the first contact is made, all other public disclosure will be stopped. You or your trusted contact can reach me at: john.a.carman@gmail.com, I will wait for further contact so I can give you a number to call. Some day we will have to do a little “Randori”, Best always John Carman, here’s a website of mine and some photos http://www.customscorruption.com

  9. annmarie louise white what get married to elvis Aaron presley i love him becourse that why be with him so nice i what see graceland look at i love let married can’t wait big day and so pretty elvis presley your wife is annmarie louise white he is my husband love so much i need kissing thank you

  10. its not easy to live like that there was always times when u have to wonder why did it have to happen its in the past now maybe he was tired after all he is ELVIS ARON PRESLEY and your NOT UNDERSTOOD

  11. i got boyfriend call david tunbridge one day get married to in las vegas i like elvis presley long time in world so much and david and annmarie biggest fan thank you so much i what be eivis presley

  12. if jesse is elvis dont you think its gone to far now be a man and good person and come out anyway you can for ur fans. dave.

  13. All Elvis fans wish he were still alive. Sadly, I’m quite certain this is not the case. Elvis would never had done something as mean to his fans, or as cowardly, as fake his own death. Never under any circumstances! I understand why people want to believe, but come on now! Do you REALLY believe Elvis could have done something like this?

    1. Elvis was so famous and still is. When you are that famous I’m sure it would become totally exhaunting for anyone.

  14. Hi,

    If this is true why don’t you leave it just like it was. If Elvis is alive just sent him my best wishes
    Even if he’s alive I still have Great respect for him.

    Best wishes

    Gordon van Alphen

    City Vijfhuizen
    Zipcode 2141 MZ
    Address Schans 55

  15. Biggest load of BS I have ever heard, I also question your credentials as a DR. You are just an opportunist hoping to make money off Elvis. Crawl back under your rock and stop trying to influence stupid people. Elvis Aaron Presley died on August 16 1977 Let him rest in peace and you should find a different hobby or do you do this because it is your only source of income Dr ???

  16. By the way Craig what is this 100% truth, show it to me. Oh by the way did you know that JFK is still alive in a nursing home !!!

  17. how disgusting that people would stoop so low as to make money out of of a person as generous,and selfless as elvis,,beware,your ill-begotten gains just might come back and bite you,-thank you ,elvis,for all the pleasure you gave me and my family,and are still giving us,i have most of the music you ever did,—-REST IN PEACE,MY FRIEND,x,.

  18. I see my other email was not posted, what is the matter, this only increases my belief that you are a liar. I love Priscilla’s comment in fact you have screened emails so only ones that support your crap are printed. Sounds rather like a coward !!!!!!

  19. it sounds makes sense, but wouldn’t Elvis get in a lot of trouble if he did come back? He faked his own death! If he is alive, I wish he would come back.

  20. Hey Craig “Stupid is as Stupid does” people like you have an IQ of 40 come back down to the planet and put the Crack Pipe away

    1. please folks Elvis Died in 1977 respect the dead
      I love Elvis but we live in 2013, and Elvis would have said just go on with your life enjoy every single day. Life is too short to stand still

      That’s the way it goes and that’s how life is. It’s beautiful LIfe has a beginning and it has end

  21. Hey Doc did you get your license to practice from Acme Let Wylie the coyote know I enjoy his Cartoons and would like to meet him !!

  22. Oh my God Dave are you serious ! I had no idea that a ” True ” Elvis fan could be that stupid. Way to go Gord Knight you tell it like it is. Hey Doc when the fans viewed Elvis in his coffin was that a (Stand In) ? I hate Morons like you !!!

  23. Oh my God Dave are you serious ! I had no idea that a ” True ” Elvis fan could be that stupid. Way to go Gord Knight you tell it like it is. Hey Doc when the fans viewed Elvis in his coffin was that a (Stand In) ? I hate Morons like you !!! By the way Doc It has now been 36 years is he held up in Traffic ?

  24. He will appear very soon but questions need to be prepared and he dont want
    to be interrigated, Just take it as it comes.

  25. This is a total interesting story that has the world in a spin, cant believe how expensive this book is to buy??. is it cause its true..

  26. The extra “A” story is false. It’s actually on his birth certificate as Aaron. He used Aron for a long time and wanted to change it to “Aaron” later in life, the biblical version, and found he didn’t have to as it was “Aaron” on the birth certificate.

  27. I was a patient of Dr. Hinton’s for a few years in Independence, Missouri, at Jackson County Psychiatric Association. I was treated there for anxiety. Even tho it is hard for many people to believe Dr. Hinton’s story, I have to say Dr. Hinton is a very credible man of sound mind. Probably one of the most caring and honest doctors I have ever met. I’ve read his book, and as I previously stated, even tho this may be hard for people to accept, one must consider the risk of ridicule Dr. Hinton would accept facing in his career and personal life by coming forward to tell the story as Elvis choose to do. I’m sure for his efforts his financial needs have been forever taken care of.

  28. Ok, somebody please tell me where in the world I can find the book Elvis / Jesse wrote , β€œThe Truth About Elvis Aron Presley, In His Own Words.”.. i have looked absolutely everywhere and just cannot find it. Thanks so kindly. – Suki

  29. had a poem celebrating elvis,s life and mourning his death published a few years ago what do i do now i was so proud of it should it be destroyed because of the uncertainty

  30. Elvis is DEAD. People just want to believe he is still alive. They have said this about celebs like James Dean and Michael Jackson, too. If it makes you feel better to think that Elvis is alive and in hiding, go ahead and believe that. But he is dead.

  31. You may read the entire history of Jesse who IS the man the world knew as Elvis on my website. My husband and I have been close friends with him since 1992. I am “Shuma” in the book co-authored by Dr. Donald Hinton and Jesse.
    The book may be purchased on Amazon.com under the title of “The Truth About Elvis Aron Presley – In His Own Words” @ https://www.amazon.com/Donald-Hinton/dp/1561676764/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=the+truth+about+elvis+aron+presley+in+his+own+words&qid=1593840414&s=books&sr=1-1

    The book is the truth and contains many letters written by Elvis/Jesse himself in handwriting which has been authenticated as being that of Elvis Presley.

    My website: www:lindahoodsigmonstruth.com

  32. Rubbish! Utter nonsense! People obviously do not respect the fact that Elvis Presley is dead! Absolutely, utterly shameful! No respect! No respect at all!

  33. I would give anything and everything to know Elvis is alive. I never felt in my heart and soul he was dead. He did what he had to do . I would never hold anything against this amazing gentle soul of a man. I believe him coming out is what this world needs. His music got me through some very rough and emotional times . I love Elvis /Jessie. I hope and pray he will make his presence known very soon. I love you Elvis/Jessie. I have prayed for you every day and I will continue. Max you be at peace ,protected and loved wherever you are. May GOD be with YOU. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ

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